Application Process.

The steps to becoming an instructor:

When you apply, we will guide you through the process with step-by-step instructions. Here is an overview:

  1. Have a current provider completion card in the discipline(s) you wish to teach.

  2. Complete and submit your instructor application and pay your $55 instructor application fee.

  3. Take Core Instructor Training (online) ($35).

  4. Purchase your instructor manual and related resources needed to teach in your discipline.

  5. Register for, attend and successfully complete the instructor course for your selected discipline.

  6. Accept the relevant Instructor agreements.

  7. Complete the Product and Course Orientation (online, no cost)

  8. Successfully complete monitoring on a course by a Heart & Stroke-approved experienced instructor, instructor trainer or master instructor within six months of completing the instructor course.

  9. Pay $75 annual instructor fee (pro-rated to activation date) to activate your instructor status.

{ Numbers 5 and 8 are the hands-on portions of the training process not handled by the HSFC directly]

BLS Instructor School.

Two day program - 14 hours.

Day 1 is the Core program - required to be taken once for all HSFC courses.

Day 2 is the BLS instructor portion.