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Teach. Inspire. Motivate.

Becoming a Heart & Stroke instructor is a profound way to leave a lifesaving legacy.

Combine your expertise, knowledge and passion for educating others with the excellence of Heart & Stroke courses and materials and you will make an impact now and for years to come.

Become a difference-maker. Become a Heart & Stroke Instructor

Why Heart & Stroke?

Cardiac arrest is sudden, unexpected and can happen anywhere, to anyone.

Fast action – early CPR and AED – is the only chance to improve the outcome.

At Heart & Stroke, we are driven to help prepare more people to be ready to act in a cardiac arrest or other medical emergency. Start to finish, from resuscitation and first aid research, through guideline development and application, to teaching resources, Heart & Stroke is the pre-eminent leader in resuscitation and first aid education in Canada.

As a Heart & Stroke instructor you will be recognized as an authority in the subject matter of your chosen discipline. We equip our instructors with quality curriculums and best-in-class materials, enabling them to give the best learning experience to their students, moving our collective mission of saving lives forward.

Why become an instructor?

Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you committed to saving lives?

Some Canadians become instructors because they want to want to lead their colleagues in more effective skills training and positive patient outcomes.

Others want to make a difference in their community so that more people feel confident and able to respond when they see an emergency.

When you become a Heart & Stroke instructor, you become more than an educator. You join a community of difference-makers, create more awareness among Canadians and help fund more research.

Most of all, you help to save lives.

What makes a great instructor?

Simply put, you are motivated to teach and you have a track record of delivering engaging learning. You are committed to excellence so that students learn the skills and get them right You are organized and detailed so that students get the information they need when they need it.

Teaching someone today can change so many people’s lives in the future.

Join us today and make a difference.

What is the Heart & Stroke advantage?

When you become a Heart & Stroke instructor, you are able to:

  • teach anywhere in Canada. Heart & Stroke instructor certifications are recognized nationwide

  • access the most up-to-date curriculums, teaching techniques and course materials, including:

    • video-based learning, instructor manuals, lesson plans and learning aids

    • a range of print and online learning materials

    • blended learning course options

    • the latest Canadian guidelines, set by Heart & Stroke

  • focus on teaching. We make it easy for you to take care of administration and tracking of courses through our resuscitation portal, allowing you to focus on what matters … teaching!

  • access our responsive customer support. Heart & Stroke instructors and their students have access to top-quality customer support by phone or email via our Resuscitation Support Centre (RSC)

  • earn income. Delivering Heart & Stroke courses is a great way to start your own business or to supplement your current income. In addition to the brand recognition that comes with aligning with Canada’s leading resuscitation expert, your advantages include:

    • competitive annual instructor fees and student registration fees

    • one-stop-shop: our instructors can become certified to teach courses in a range of disciplines

    • teach from your own facility, set your own hours and work around your own schedule

    • promote and publicize your courses for free on our resuscitation portal

  • fund the research that keeps your training practice high-quality. Funds raised from training go towards the infrastructure of resuscitation programming, research, and Heart & Stroke initiatives to improve health and wellness of people in Canada

  • collaborate on Heart & Stroke initiatives. Instructors are invited to collaborate on initiatives that make a difference. Be a part of local, provincial and national projects.